You know that feeling you get when you drive home along a familiar route and afterwards you don't remember any of the drive?

That is what running on auto-pilot is like.

Your brain is amazing. If you've done things repeatedly the same in the past before, you can do them again with little thought or effort required.

The same is true if you are doing something simple or low risk. You don't need to fully engage.

In both cases you can run on auto-pilot and safely get to your destination.

Until something changes suddenly. Or until a danger suddenly appears.

Then you will be present again.

But it just may be too late. The lack of attention may be fatal when the danger become obvious. The sudden whack in the side of the head that you are too late ducking.

You can't afford to live your life or run your business on auto-pilot. You and your customers deserve your best.

You need to have and follow a plan; even if it changes regularly.

You need to work on your business. As well, you need to work on yourself and your people to prepare for the future.

And most importantly you need to have a system that helps you stay focused, even when you could run on auto-pilot.