This event has been cancelled due unforeseen circumstances. I encourage everyone to consider a donation to the Food Bank anyways.

'cause it is good for you and helps the Calgary Inter-faith Food Bank help others.

Have you been feasting on leftover Halloween candies and want to wear off some of those calories? Want to try Zumba? Don't know what Zumba is but want to have fun?

Bring some of your excess food and donate it to the Calgary Food Bank; join Dance Through Life and instructors Deborah Mandzuk and Paula Callihoo for a FREE Zumba For A Cause party on Saturday at the Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Studio at 3953 – 112 Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta.

Don't forget to bring your food donations. Let's make Paula regret not getting a BIG car!!!

Why I Am Promoting This

Our company mission is to "Help (ensure) you (live to) reach your full potential (by staying fit)".

In support of this event our company (Sunwapta Solutions) is making a donation to the Food Bank as part of our giving back.