I was recently asked to write a testimonial by the owner of a dance studio. I think people like to know what others think of a business or service and I am really happy with the studio so here is what I wrote.

"I have been taking Canadian Step Dancing classes at Dance Through Life since it opened and prior to that with Paula at another location. I didn’t have any prior dance experience when I started so it was a bit of a shocker to get those feet moving correctly. From personal experience I know not everyone is born with coordination and sometimes it is harder when you are starting out as an adult. But after lots of instruction and practice, I’ve moved from beginner to advanced and am now comfortable performing on my own and with the Step’N Up dance group she runs. 

I highly recommend the studio. The instructors are all awesome and supportive, the floors are great and there are many different dance styles and levels to choose from if one isn’t right for you. I don’t enjoy jogging anytime or cycling outside in the winter and exercise machines are boring. Dancing is fun and challenges the mind while offering excellent cardio and toning. Seriously, if I can learn to dance as an adult, so can you, just stick with it, I intend to. So much still to learn and so much fun!"

I think we often forget to ask our customers what they think and to go beyond that and ask for a testimonial.

This is a good reminder to always be marketing and getting feedback.