Wow, 11 years.

As they say, I wish I knew then what I know now.

We started out as a software development consulting firm. We moved into building and managing hosted applications for our customers and their clients. Over 150,000 employees have had access to tools we have built at companies with pretty impressive credentials.

Then we built and sold our first hosted application (PenForms) obtaining well over 40% of the available market. Near as we can tell, we have the largest market share out of our competitors, largely because we had a good product and good customer service. The biggest thing we got out of it was more experience in the cloud (SaaS or ASP) space and fleshing out our customer support abilities. We can do better too and there are already plans to do so.

You can never rest on your past.

Today we are readying another cloud application to launch into the marketplace. The past 11 years have given us a lot of credibility and set the stage for what we are attempting to do. Without the last 11 years, we would not really be ready to embark on the next phase.

We have a mission that resonates. A vision that is big but attainable. We are moving towards something and focusing on a strategy and building a business. We are focused more on our culture and people development. These were things that we got distracted from at times during our earlier past and it made us realize how important they are today.

I've also (mostly) enjoyed the journey. I think I have grown a lot through this process; in adversity and in positive times (still room for improvement too). You find out who you are in the rough times.

I really appreciate the relationships we've built with our employees, customers, partners and vendors and the dedication that so many people have shown over the years to meeting our shared business objectives. Sunwapta Solutions would not be what it is today without you.

And as always, I appreciate the fact that we had tremendous support from our families, spouses and friends.

Looking forward to many more years of doing great things; and enjoying the journey.