I just went through one of those smack in the side the head reminders. Actually I am still going through it.

Like many busy professionals and business owners, I was finding myself grabbing lunch and/or dinner out. In this section of downtown, there don't seem to be a lot of healthy choices for food. I made the mistake of stopping at Tim Horton's for their chili combo.

I ended up spending the night regretting that decision immensely. The regret continued into the following day and well into the next. I still regret it. I won't get graphic so let's leave it at bad chili.

I really feel sorry for anyone out there who has to live with ongoing or repeated nausea. A two year old child could have kicked my butt I was so weak and tired.

That was my smack in the side of the head.

But being more aware of food poisoning wasn't the lesson I was supposed to be reminded of. Nor was it that small bacteria and viruses can knock out out organisms a million times bigger than themselves.

The Lesson

The lesson was that your health is precious. It is one of the few things that will determine whether you are able to live to your full potential.

And the biggest point.

What you eat, drink, breath and ingest have a huge impact on your health.

Chili and a multigrain bun. Doesn't sound as bad as burger and fries.

But the mass produced chili of the fast food chains is likely pretty far removed from the nutritious stuff you might cook up yourself from fresh ingredients.

I don't really know how Timmies chili is made but I now have visions of the cheapest ingredients possible being cooked in giant pots in a central facility where it is then canned or frozen and shipped to… um doughnut shops to be reheated all day in a pot. I have no idea how long they can keep a pot going.

The point.

This is not fresh, healthy food.

Why would I delude myself otherwise? Because it is our nature to justify our behavior.

Born Again Foody?

I am a strong proponent of encouraging people to achieve their full potential. In fact this is now our corporate mission.

Controlling what crap goes into your body is the biggest thing you can do to be healthy with the next being exercise.

I don't think most rational people would argue this.

Yet we so often rationalize the opposite into our lives. You hear people say "I exercise so I can eat what I want" or "I take a vitamin pill so I don't have to eat vegetables".

As an aside, I read that taking vitamin pill actually encourages you to slip something unhealthy into your life. Part of that human rationalization thing.

I am not saying I am going to be perfect in my diet going forward. I am not suddenly a born again foody health nut eating wheat grass shakes for lunch.

But I do plan on taking a sustainable step forward… I will question every choice I make about what to eat and where from a rational standpoint and not based on the whims of my desire.

More good and less bad. Keep improving.

And by the way, can't even think about those types mass produced, low cost, fast foods without feeling ill all over again. That will help keep me honest.

While I admire the stories of people achieving great things when beset with a major illness; I think it much more likely that you will be able to achieve your full potential when a two your old can't kick your butt.