Personal and business lessons are everywhere, even in the things you do as hobby or for fun.

I've mentioned before that I play Celtic music in couple of bands here in Calgary. One of those bands just completed a Saint Paddy's Day performance. We were the opening act, initially playing for a sparse crowd that then grew into a full house. It was also a noisy pub night environment; people drinking and talking with their friends.

One might be tempted to think people are not really watching and not put your full energy or talent into the show.

But this would be a mistake.

You Never Know Who Is Watching

Good performers put on the same quality show for their audience no matter: how many people are in the audience or whether they appear to be paying attention.

A mediocre performance guarantees no one will care or pay attention. Giving Your best performance all the time will draw the audience in and either: make you better for the future or potentially opens doors you might otherwise miss.

You never know who might be watching; so always give your best.

Every Person Deserves Your Best

Your gift as a performer is to reach people through sharing your talent. Reaching the masses is great but most bands start with one fan at a time.

Your audience, even a small one, deserves your best. Create as many fans as you can.

Polish Your Show

If you go see a performance by the same band or performer in three months, 90% of the show is likely to be the same. There are exceptions, but then that is the uniqueness of their show.

The reason for this is that they want to produce a consistent and quality show. This happens by perfecting their work. Practice until everyone knows it inside and out. Mistakes can still happen (and often that is what makes live entertainment interesting) but the pros practice recovering too.

Your Existing Fans

You may be tempted to focus all of your attention on getting new audiences and creating new fans.

Don't forget your existing fans. They were with you before. They are loyal and already like what you do. Make them happy.

This is smart on so many levels, but one often overlooked view… your existing fans likely have the strongest relationships with you. Appreciate it.

Besides new fans can be fickle.

Lessons for Business

Business (and your personal career or job) isn't really so different from performing.

  • Prospects, customers, shareholders and employees may appear to not be watching; then again maybe they are.
  • Every customer worth having, is worth treating well.
  • Make your product or service as good as it can be.
  • Focus as much or more on your existing customers as you do on acquiring new ones.
  • Make your performance (show) unique in some way.
  • Give your art; more value than the price (make people feel good about doing business with you).
  • Connect with people as individuals.

Your business is always on stage… so always give people the best show you can.