I recently got a fortune cookie that said:

"The smallest deed is better than the biggest intention".

In a nutshell: dreams, ideas and intentions are worthless without action towards achieving them.

Far too many starting entrepreneurs are all about the next "greatest idea". They put in place non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality clauses, and non-compete agreements. They are focused so much on protecting the idea and preventing others from stealing it (and thereby building it) that they often don't get past the idea phase.

How can you get customers, investors, employees, etc. if you can't tell anyone your brilliant idea.

Yes, in order to build it and sell it you need to share the idea at some point. Why not now?

Share it and start building.

That is exactly what I have been doing over the last 315 posts. I am sharing nuggets of insight and ideas that I think someone else might benefit from or find useful; and if nothing else, writing it down solidifies it… makes it real for me and easier to put in practice.

And behind the scenes we are building. Lots of small deeds adding up to a new product (or more).

What will this product do?

Exactly what the fortune cookie said:

"Help people and businesses focus on the deeds that achieve the best results; accomplishing your best intentions."