After reading, researching, thinking, brainstorming, agonizing and writing numerous blog posts on the subject… I am finally ready to share our very own mission. Theory is great but time to show a real example, one that is close to home.

Our (Sunwapta Solution’s) Mission

“Help people achieve their full potential; including living a fulfilling life.”

Breaking It Down

The first part is somewhat straight-forward.

Help people achieve their full potential. Maximizing the potential of people.

Without the second part we felt that there was a danger that we could help people achieve their full potential but that their lives might not be in balance; they might ultimately be unhappy. A person could become the world’s greatest entrepreneur but not have any time for family or friends.

Life is not just about achievement but about being fulfilled. Fulfillment is in the eye of the beholder. But fulfillment does not imply any achievement or betterment of society. So achieving fulfillment by itself is not the answer for us either.

So we search for excellence but temper it with the balance of fulfillment.

Why This Mission?

Well why not?

Ok that answer will not do. We could have chosen any mission. But we have chosen this one.

Over the last 10 plus years we have been building software for human resources (HR). If we drive down into what the real goal of HR is for a company (outside of administration); it is to maximize the output of its workforce in achieving corporate goals. A bit selfish. But that is why the word resources is in there and yes, corporations are non-human by nature… it is the people running them that have the potential to add humanity back into the equation.

I’ve also spent the last 20 plus years (gads has it been that long) in numerous management and leadership positions. At some point I started genuinely trying to figure out those topics covered by the business, management and self-help aisles of the bookstore.

In the last few years I’ve come to realize that these things are heavily entwined.

Helping people (and by extension companies) achieve their full potential and obtain fulfillment doing so brings everything full circle.

What It Means For Us Now

As I stated before, choosing a mission provides a purpose beyond just making money. We need to start living this purpose. It isn’t a destination. Greatness and fulfillment don’t end on a certain date. It is a journey.

As individuals we will strive to seek our mission.

As a company we will strive to develop products and services that fulfill our mission.

As a company we will strive to help our employees live the mission.

As a group we will strive to help everyone we come in contact with through business and living life; be touched and improved by the mission.

Ok, right now it sounds a little pretentious, even to me. Maybe a little corny too.

But I believe in the potential of people to do more than you expect. So why not? Why not have a goal that is big and lofty? At the very least what we produce will serve people and businesses.

Once you have a clear purpose, doors will begin to open. We will connect with and seek out people who are motivated by or share this mission. It has already started. We continue to run a business too.

Maybe we will make a difference in the world. And maybe, in striving to do something great, we will achieve fulfillment for ourselves.