In a prior post I defined the mission as being the Tweet sized statement of your service to humanity without reference to your current products or services. The mission is long-term and should be able to survive changes in your business offerings. In fact this is essential, as what exactly your business does, must change over time to address the changing world in which we live.

But your mission is not just for your customers.

You must live it internally in your company. Your shareholders, partners, vendors, and employees must see the consistency.

Before the Internet and social media you could decide what you wanted your brand to be, spend lots of money selling the brand to the world, and achieve that message.

Today, the world will see your inconsistencies.

Living your mission and company values is how you build your culture; and ultimately your brand.

But are “we” living it?

You bet. At Sunwapta Solutions we’ve embarked on that journey; and there is no turning back. I feel it is the best decision we’ve made in the last 10 years. We are consciously choosing to live life by choice based on who we are and what matters most to us… and it feels awesome.