Have you seen the amount of disclaimers that coming out of well known companies these days. You go to their website and it basically says:

  • "We are a great company, do business with us because we stand by what we do."
  • "If anything you learn from this website is not right or doesn't work for you, it is your problem, not ours".

This contradiction is insane. It is not how you build trust.

Here is the version I am working on for our outbound e-mails:

Disclaimer: In the event any of the information contained in this e-mail is wrong or doesn't work for you, by virtue of receiving it and reading it, you and your heirs, kings, queens, princes, princesses, frogs and mermaids, agree that an “oops, sorry” is all you can expect from me, no matter what, whether or not you like tarts or tortes, forever and ever. If you are not the intended recipient, who ARE you?