People say they intend to do things all of the time.

More often than not it never happens. New Year's resolutions are point in case.

I want to get in shape. I want to lose weight. I want to take my business in a new direction. Etc.

You get what you intend!

That was the driving premise of Anurag (Gupta) during a 2 day seminar put on by ProCoach that I recently attended.

So if you aren't actually accomplishing your goal, then you never really had the intent to do so.

Another point to be aware of is that you have a default intent that drives you whenever you aren't actively engaged in replacing it. Being safe, not trusting, taking it easy, etc. are some examples. Some people may think of these as habits, but habits are not the underlying purpose. What are you "getting" by doing what you are doing in your life. Just be aware you have one and don't try to change it.

The key is to decide on intents that you feel are important. Ones that light up your inner self are the easiest to follow through on. Then you focus on them until they become the default intents by putting in structures around your life so the new default is easier than the old one. Replace not delete.

In business this translates to your overriding mission which everything else flows from.

What is your real intent. Prove it by doing and being it. Everything else is just a wish.