In the next couple of weeks I will be adding a careers/jobs section to our website and fleshing out the specific requirements.

We are growing and looking to make some strategic hires over the next month to year. We are expanding both our consulting practices and our products divisions.

We are going to be looking at cultural fit and aptitude ahead of technical skills (which can be learned).

So far I see the following positions required in no particular order:

  • Product Manager
  • Infrastructure Support
  • User Interface Designer/Developer
  • Developers
  • Sales and Marketing

Product Manager – A person who can own the product, get input from all stakeholders and plan out the future direction of the product. Work with development teams as the product owner.

Infrastructure Support – A person who can support our production, hosted application server environment, our development teams and our internal infrastructure. This includes everything from security to managing databases and everything in between. The drive to constantly be working to make things better and more efficient.

User Interface Designer – Someone to drive out the product's user experience and usability. May also include graphic design and user interface development.

Developers – Software developers keen on not just great and clean code, but excited about the value of the end-product as well. Being current on software development best practices (agile) is a given.

Sales, Marketing and Customer Support – Ramping up the ability to reach potential customers, sign them up and then ensure that their ongoing experience is excellent.