I just received an e-mail from a business publication we subscribe to in paper selling their online versions.

"Enjoy … across platforms and devices like iPad, iPhone, PC and Mac".

Umm… three of these platforms and devices are owned by one company. The other represents an entire industry but only got one mention.

Now personally I think it is premature to write off all of the other smart-phone players this early. Similarly the PC is not dead as a platform and there are other electronic book reading devices that are easier on the eyes than the iPad when reading hundreds of books.

But it doesn't really matter.

The consumer and the media love the "i".

In fact, if any other phone/device company built a phone that loses signal when you hold it in your left hand, then goes public saying it is not really the signal but the formula on the signal strength indicator and finally gets blasted in Consumer Reports for a faulty device… they would not sell many devices and their reputation would be questioned.

But if there is an "i" in the name, they can do no wrong. You can't beat that for customer loyalty.

People want to fit in. If all of your friends have something, you will want it too. But unlike some fads that are here today and gone tomorrow; there is a critical mass involved here. They can offer better services (cool things) for their platform than anyone else. This solidifies the platforms' longevity. (Well that and the three year contracts with your wireless provider).

Anyone else sharing the rest of the platform naming alphabet… you might want to do something… soon.

P.S. zzzPad is not a good choice.