Once upon a time, you could do something silly or downright dumb. A few people might notice and someone might talk about it. Video cameras were huge and no one carried one in their pocket. Cameras had film and required having the pictures developed. Usually, only the major news companies could broadcast either to millions, let alone the entire planet. Fortunately, not enough people cared about the exploits of Bongo the town idiot to make it worth their while. So unless you were famous or important, you could be almost anonymous.

Today, everything you do in public can be caught on camera. Cameras are small, proliferous and built into everything. Anyone can post the video or pictures on the Internet, instantaneously. Your friends, family, acquaintances, coworker, boss, colleagues and even strangers can watch it. The things you do are public record.

There is Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Bing, Twitter, Blogging, YouTube and a host of other sources of information (i.e. Gog).

Maybe you were already living as if God was watching.

Maybe you don't care what anyone thinks or maybe you want people to think you are the town nut.

Maybe, transparency and the idea that "people" might be watching will cause some people to rethink that bad idea or behaviour.

It doesn't have to end up like the Orwellian "Big Brother" type watching. But let's face it, things have changed and will continue changing.

As an individual, a citizen, a group, a business owner, a business or leader in general you can and most likely will be discussed, highlighted, exposed, or otherwise found on the Internet.

The trick is understanding this… and ensuring your online identity is what you really want it to be. This is more likely if your real world identity matches.

… assume Gog is watching.