If you are in the software development world, you've pretty much got to like or eat pizza once in a while.

I used to be a big fan of Panago pizza. The toppings and flavours were pretty darn good.

But Pizza isn't just about the toppings, it is about the part that holds the toppings as well. Would it be a pizza if the toppings were served on focaccia bread? How about un-cooked dough? Mastering the pizza dough is an important part of the great pizza equation.

The last few years, quality has been suffering. I think the pizza places are running the ovens hotter and sending the pizzas through faster to increase output. Hey, increasing output is a great thing… unless quality drops.

The last time we got the pizza, the dough was really raw. As in only about a quarter of the way through cooked.

As well, about a year ago they also decided to centralize order taking. Before, I called and got directed through to the nearest location. They would ask my phone number and confirm the delivery address "are you still at …". They remembered that I was a regular customer ordering pizza for a room full of developers (well maybe not the second part but they did remember me).

Now I call the number and get a call center. They ask me my phone number. They ask me my address again. They take my order. Then they insist on calling me back to verify that my phone number is correct because the order is over $50 (don't they have caller ID or a database?).

I get that the pizza business is competitive, whose industry isn't? I get that expenses are going up and you can increase profit by increasing productivity or reducing costs.

But I think Panago has lost sight of the fact that I want great pizza with minimum hassle and good service.

You don't care anymore, do you?

Wanted to join our development team: Great pizza from a company that cares about the customer (and delivers to downtown Calgary).