I recently saw a fido ad on TV. They usually have dogs in their ads and because of that they seem to catch my attention.

In the most recent one one guy is talking to another guy and hucks a big water bottle into the distance and a dog brings back a cell phone. Then the guy says something like, this cell phone contains parts made from a recycled water bottle. Apparently fido sells several that do.

Ok, nice.

But fido doesn't make cell phones. They resell cell phones made by other companies.

They provide voice and data services.

How much recycled plastic is in a cell phone? They are pretty small to begin with. How much of a difference does it really make? According to the fido website, as a company they have recycled enough 19 liter water bottles that (if they were end to end, they) would cover the length of a football field. Not the area of a football field, but the length (that is 100 yards by the way). And that isn't from these new phones, it is company wide. That actually isn't that much plastic.

Get your cell phone from us because we are green; sort of?

Is this what is differentiating fido from their competitors? What if the competitors offer the same brands of phone?

Do people really buy phones because they are green or because they are cool or do cool things?

Looking at their website again, and ahh there are the dogs (just wait for the iPhone ad to go past). Fido cares. You don't have to sign up for long-term contracts.

If this is actually true, that is their differentiation.

What is yours? Really?

P.S. Next hot cell phone app only available at fido… dog tracker to find your wandering dog. A little device on your dog's collar and a bring up the application and boom, and fido is found; down the street in the neighbor's trash, er, recycling. Hey, but are they cute or what?