Using metaphors can be dangerous when you don't really understand how they came about. I came across the following in an e-newsletter today.

"Google fired another shot across Microsoft's bough in the battle for cloud dominance with the release of a tool that eases the migration from Outlook to Google Apps."

I now have vision in my head of a Redmond tree like the one in Avatar, but bigger.

Interestingly, the linked  article starts off with yet another war based metaphor in the title; Google Blitzes Microsoft With Outlook Migration Tool. I wonder how many people these days know where/how the war-time meaning of blitz originated . Not sure if the release of a migration tool counts as overwhelming force but it is a catchy title.

Besides, any techies out there would realize Microsoft is more of a forest (or forest of forests), than a tree. Which tree do you shoot at next? What if the trees can shoot back?