The shoemaker's kids finally have new shoes. We've always been so busy doing the technical stuff for our clients, we've been ignoring our own marketing. Well that is changing.

Today we launched version 3 of our corporate website. It is using a Content Management System (CMS) behind the scenes so we can keep the site current.

I was inspired recently by several good books. Essentially, the message was pick a date, set a budget and vary the scope. This avoids it is never good enough syndrome and allows you to ship; on time and on budget.

This also follows the agile principle of build what you need now and improve it later when you need it.

Some of the scope constraints:

  • We reduced the amount of content for launch day,
  • We went with a minimalistic design; focusing on the content and not the fonts, colours and graphics.

The only rule in place: it had to be better than what we had.

I think we've accomplished this goal.

And most importantly, less launched now. More would have delayed the launch, perhaps indefinitely if another client priority came up. More can come later.