I was just looking out the window. There is a full moon shining on a low lying fog over the hills and prairie; the light reflecting off the tin roof of a barn to the south of us. Absolutely haunting and stunning.

The other day, I saw what initially looked to be a gopher running across the lawn. Upon closer look it was white and not quite a gopher. In fact it was a ferret with its winter coat; and a black tip on its tail. It looked like a white stick standing in the yellow grass. Thanks to our recent warm weather and the melted snow, it was no longer an invisible visitor, but a small surprise for the day.

Take the time in your day to see the things that you take for granted. Take a closer look and reflect on the treasures you have been given. Your family, friends, your dogs and cats… your business partners and teammates, your customers and vendors. It is the people and relationships that are important in life.

Life is busy these days. Work is demanding. Running a business is stressful. But remember it is a journey, not a destination.

So , remember to stop and smell the roses.