Over the past few months, we've had a few clients approach us that had important work that needed to get done quickly; and they had limited options. You may be thinking…



You may get the business once that way, but people will ultimately remember you hosed them.

That is not how things are done here. Here we value ethics, honesty and long-term relationships.

We believe we are entitled to fair compensation for our work including reasonable profit margins (every business needs this). But we don't believe in "between a rock and a hard place" pricing.

Sure, if costs are higher because of a rush job, it requires overtime or doing a rush job will impact other work, you can charge for the inconvenience and pass on the costs. You may also wish to discourage clients from saying everything is a rush… but you need to be consistent and honest about it.

So we set fair pricing. For us… who we are is consistent.

P.S. If you decide who you are (as a person and company) ahead of time, all future decisions become easier and you are less likely to stray.