Read ten different business books and get 10 different stories on the secret to business.

Talk to 10 different entrepreneurs or business owners and you will get another 10 answers.

The reality?

There are many paths to business success.

Most companies will make lots of mistakes along the way. Some will have some luck and some will have some hard luck. Some will ride a trend and some will pick one that doesn't pan out. Some will survive and some will thrive. Some will bloom quickly and fade just as quickly and some will struggle and bloom later.

Just like judging people, it is easy to look at something different and make a judgment.

The thing is, just like people, some will surprise and some will disappoint… and you can't always tell just by looking and even people you know for a long time can surprise.

Have passion. Try to provide something that the world needs or will make it better. Do it well. Make a difference. Keep at it. Keep learning and growing. Pick the ideas that work for you. Enjoy the journey and the people. Do it your way or do it in a way you can live with.

The world is changing quickly yet in many ways it is the same. Respect differences and learn from them. Get advice when necessary but treat is as options.

It is not about who is right. It is about what is right for you. You get to choose (how you want to run your business).