I find it interesting how when you are in a certain frame of mind, you notice (attract) more of the same things that reinforce that frame of mind.

Beware negative thinking. It begets more negativity.

Sometimes my mood is like a bouncing ball being chased by a border collie, up, down, sideways and everywhere in between. Retrieve and repeat.

Lately, I have been pretty positive. Pumped up positive. Eager to take on new things; make things happen.

My last couple of posts were reflecting on how focusing on your strengths (generally a positive thing) builds success.

Well today, I received newsletter from ProCoach. It included a link to w worksheet that you can use to reflect on your accomplishments and successes in the past year. Have a look at it.

Basically, you are asked to reflect on the past year including:

  • Successes and why,
  • Good decisions,
  • Areas where you pushed out of your comfort zone,
  • What you are proud of and why,
  • People who have had a positive impact on you,
  • Lessons you have learned,
  • Ways in which you have grown.

Now set your goals for the next year in all areas of your life!

He has you focus on your strengths (even though he doesn't call them that) and build positive images of success in your mind. After this exercise will you be able to visualize anything but positive outcomes? Will your goals not push you to personal greatness?

Positive thoughts beget positive energy and the motivation to achieve your goals. Celebrate your successes.

Ever hear someone talk about the good old days? That is living in the past.

Focus on the future and make every day and year you live the best one yet.