This post is based on a presentation we sent to a client when they wanted early screen shots of the working application and said we seemed to be a serious bunch. We are serious about our work (building great software) but do have some fun doing it.

Initial Specifications – Build Something that Works

Make it better than a horse and buggy but not too fancy.

During the budgeting phase the requirements are a little down-played.


Project Startup – Application Framework

The developers scramble to put together the framework and plumbing that will allow the rest of the application to take shape.


Initial Look and Feel

The designers attempt to pin down the basic look and feel for consistency.


The Engine

The developers try to tackle some of the difficult pieces and reduce project risk; like the engine.


Putting it Together

Assembling all the pieces into the final application.


The Final Result

What the customer really wanted and great developers will deliver…


Note: Of course in the real world of application development there are many steps and iterations that have been omitted for illustration purposes. If you are going to pick an analogy, make it a cool one!

If you want the actual car and not software go here. Lot's more great pictures.