I have been blogging for the past 18 months and have posted slightly over 200 articles. I also regularly comment on other people’s sites and do trackbacks. Guess that makes me a blogger.

One of my pet peeves is people who accept comments or trackbacks and don’t actually publish them (assuming of course that you aren’t spamming, slashing or flaming).

I recently posted a link to another article on how smart phones are time wasters. Hard to argue too much when you look at how slow and ineffective a medium texting is for anything other then very quick conversations.

I am already a member of Linked-in to maintain a business network.

In the next while I will probably start using Facebook personally and maybe a little for business networking. I also have couple of Celtic bands I am in and probably need to get a page setup somewhere so people can find us. I’ve been procrastinating on this because I find I have so little time.

Several dance performances by our step dancing class and a few sessions we went to are on YouTube.

One of my New Years resolutions is to remove time wasters from my life so I can focus on the important things.

Some of my colleagues are telling me to link my blog into Twitter so they can be updated immediately whenever I submit a post. Well now I will be tweeting. Are people who spend a lot of time tweeting on Twitter, twits? What will that make me?

I do know one thing for sure. Our company (Sunwapta Solutions) is focused on helping people and organizations use technology (software) to help their businesses succeed. You can’t do that sitting on the Internet sidelines.

So wasting my time on the social web isn’t just for fun, it is my job. That is my story and I am sticking to it.