Paula Callihoo, the owner of Dance Through Life, is opening up the 2nd half of her studio (i.e. even more classes) in the New Year.

The New Year always brings out the resolve in people to change something and I can't think of a better time to:

  • Get off the couch and get some exercise,
  • Do something for yourself and not focus solely on your children (hey even Dr. Phil backs me on this),
  • Learn something new,
  • Do something fun,
  • Follow your dreams.

Hey, I am partial to the step dancing myself being it relates to the Celtic music I like playing and listening to (I am not so much into (taking) belly dancing (classes) personally)… and I happen to really dig the instructor for the new beginner class.

Music and dance keep the brain active too.

What are you doing next year to keep active and push yourself forward? 

I know Paula will be busy instructing, dancing and running her business.

Disclaimer: No belly dancers were insulted, harmed or injured in anyway in the writing of this blog. Nice to watch but I'll leave it to the women.