I have two border collies. They are black and white.

Friday it started snowing and really blowing; blizzard conditions. Falling snow is white. Blowing snow causes white-outs, even at night. Ice you don't see on the road is called black ice.

This morning we woke up and our snow was grey, not white. Not a light grey, a fairly dark grey.

The field to the north of us is bare soil. The wind was blowing from the north all night… strong enough to move a substantial portion of the field into our yard along with the drifting snow.

The dogs were outside playing in the grey snow today.

When they came in the house, the snow melted and turned into black mud… on the dogs and all over the entrance. After a bath the dogs again are showing their hidden white.

Sometimes things seem to be either black or white. Sometimes things appear to be a shade of grey.

Sometimes, on closer inspection things really are black and white. Grey minus white is black after all (as proven by the melting snow).

The point is, are you seeing things one way out of habit or industry convention; or are you open to other possibilities?

The greatest opportunities can appear out of the murky grey of our busy worlds and saturated minds. Not all opportunities are black or white. In fact, most are a shade of grey until someone can combine them with vision and leadership to resolve them into something real, opening a new market.