In the last few days I have been looking at myself. Who I am and who I want to be.

You can look in a mirror and see your reflection, but that is just the outside appearance that the rest of the world sees.

If you start looking around at the people in your life and the strength and quality of your relationships you see a different reflection.

You were born into your family. You don't choose those relationships but you choose how you manage them.

You get to choose your spouse and vice versa. Same with friends, business partners, etc.

Then you can look at what you have accomplished. The things you are proud of and the things you regret. What you are proud of can tell you a lot about yourself. Is it focused on you or does at least some of your satisfaction come from what others you care about have accomplished or helping others?

Who you are and the way you interact with others is reflected in those that surround you, the people who are willing to call you friend and who care about you. If your friends are not very nice, well?

I don't like everything I see in my reflection. I have room for improvement and growth in my personal development.

But I have a bunch of really good, decent people around me and I am happy to see them evolving, growing and doing well.

So mirror mirror… I must be doing ok.