As I mentioned earlier this week, I have committed to the future being different than the past and have been focusing as much on long-term strategic work as dealing with day to day issues.

Another milestone was reached today at Sunwapta Solutions.

We've been building (organically) software tools to help small businesses succeed. Well the first thing a business needs to do to succeed is focus on strategic initiatives and get their heads out of the day to day grind.

Today we internally launched release 1.0 Beta of a tool (Silverlight, .NET and SQL Server for the techies) that will be used to help organizations take strategic vision through to action and results.

Now I have a tool to make it happen here. Once I am happy with it, we will be launching it for our favourite customers and getting the word out.

Thanks go to everyone who has helped to make this happen.

Note: Organically here means incrementally using sustainable development practices. (Thank Kim Bechtel for the term).