Every once in a while, I find something worth sharing and instead of writing my own post, I merely point my readers to their content.

Dr. Jeff Cornwall covers a variety of topics around being an entrepreneur and the impact of small business on the American economy; a lot of which applies here in Canada too.

I especially liked this quote from Dr. Paul White:

"The issue isn't "what do I want to do" but "what goods or services are needed that people are willing to pay for"?   As a culture, we have forgotten that the primary purpose of a career is to provide financially for ourselves and our family.  This is accomplished by providing a service (either customers or an employer) that someone needs and is willing to pay for — and obviously, that we are qualified to provide."

A good reminder on what business is really about. If your dreams match what people want so much the better but your primary objective should not be gratifying yourself and ignoring what the market wants.

Look here for his entire post on Lessons From Maslow.