What is in a Company Name?

I recently saw a truck drive by with the name "Explosive Landscapes". Not sure I would want my landscape to explode or do they blow up old ones or is that how they dig holes? I would probably choose a landscaping company by referral so the name probably doesn't matter.

That begs the question, does a company name really matter as long as it is easy to remember and spell?

How much time does a startup spend agonizing over a company name and logo? Unless you are going to be like McDonald's your logo is probably the most useless thing to spend time on when starting up. Lost in the noise of all the other logos out there. We chose a round logo to indicate the circle of life, etc. … who cares.

I think the marketing message or story is more important than a cool logo or a clever name. Build a memorable service that people want!

Great Small Business Overview Book

I read a lot about what makes business tick. I recently picked up "How to Succeed as a Small Business Owner (and Still Have a Life)".

If you are tired of reading 500 pages to get 20 pages of useful information or are one of those people who likes things short and to the point, this book covers just about all the key things you need to tackle to run a successful small business. Topics range from why you are in business in the first place to systems and processes.

I even agree with a lot of what he says.

If you don't already know everything about what it takes to run a small business, you can get this book, and start working on your business rather than reading countless books to get the same information.

BTW, none of the books really tell you how to do everything in detail… the detail is up to you to figure out.