Over the last 18 months of blogging I have covered a wide variety of topics concerning business, business strategy, HR, demographics, personal development, software development, etc.

In fact, if you look at the pattern of articles you can see the things that are foremost in my mind over a period of time.

Over the last six months, I have moved a lot more focus onto what makes entrepreneurs succeed. Does this mean I don't care about software development?

Nope, in fact it means that the software I am now interested in building is comprised of tools to help entrepreneurs and businesses succeed. I am more interested in building great software than ever… because I see more potential to help others in software than ever.

I am focused much more on the why and what than the how. I have a great team working with me that handles the how (development).

I am one of those people who is consumed by a need to learn and grow. As with most people this starts out with reading for information, knowledge and to be uplifted and motivated.

Over time this has evolved to finding application of the knowledge. Blogging helps with this. As I write about the concepts, it helps clarify how the information can be used.

This is the true value of learning… learning to apply the lessons you believe in to improve your world. If you read a book or take a course and don't make single change in what you do or how you do it; you are just reading for entertainment. It may be fun but has no lasting value.

If I had the level of understanding and ability to apply the knowledge I do now, 9 years ago, Sunwapta would be a lot more successful. I am not knocking our current success. The last 9 years has been a treasure of learning; Sunwapta University.

But the future looks even brighter. When I look at the next 9 years and the next 800 blog posts sharing my journey and lessons learned, I am more inspired than ever.

Thank you for reading my blog and sharing your views with me.