My business partner Al Dhalla and his friend Al Mohammed started Feed-a-Need a few years ago. Our business has always supported giving back to the community through organizations such as this, the Interfaith Food Bank, Bethany Care Society, The Mustard Seed and the Boys and Girls Club organizations.

We are a web application development company and have recently volunteered company time to help revamp their public website (still not released yet).

Over the weekend they had an opportunity to make another big impact and I thought I would share it with my readers:

Just thought I will share FeedaNeed’s involvement over the thanksgiving weekend with some of our friends and relatives:

We were fortunate to be teamed with Wayne’s Moving Services company to assist Mr O's family,  a Sudanese family,  whose home was recently engulfed in fire and they were left homeless!

FeedaNeed was able to provide all the furniture for their newer home where the family has just moved in yesterday. Our volunteers worked with Wayne and his moving staff to accomplish this. Our special thanks to Wayne.

Global TV newsmen were at the scene too and it is my understanding there is a news coverage tonight, Tuesday at 6 pm on channel 8.

FeedaNeed is always seeking help from volunteers and sponsors to help fund this noble work. Come forward – donate some of your hours, skills and dollars and be part of us. Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from serving in this capacity.

It is good to periodically reflect on the things you are thankful for… and strive to make the world a better place everyday. Small things matter.