Joomla 1.5

Finding quite a few undocumented "features" embedded in Joomla out of the box. For example, the default WYSIWYG editor does not appear to be generating proper HTML and there are a few 500 series errors generated by the admin site. The search engine optimization feature does not work if you are hosting on IIS instead of Apache, you need to acquire an ISAPI filter.

Don't get me wrong, Joomla has some pretty powerful capabilities and because it is open source, the price is right. But, there is a learning curve and work required to get it right if you are going to host it yourself… and the documentation is sparse.

Our Purpose

I received some good feedback on the message I posted the other day. Essentially, we are not emphasizing our expertise with the back-end and data which is what really differentiates us from the garden variety front-end web developers.

Work in Progress

I have decided to change my approach on this launch. Rather than get all the initial content built, I will be publishing "enough" and then adding to it.

The problem is that in a normal day, client work and other essential business functions like sales and product development eat up a lot of time.

This is sounding a bit like a broken record. For you readers who may never have heard a record, it is sounding like a YouTube video on a painfully slow connection.

Time to get it done and move on.