Earlier today I was watching the birds in our yard. They are starting to gather together in greater numbers as they get ready to start migrating. It was interesting watching them dart through the air and how they interacted.

As I was getting ready for work, I heard a big crash.

I went back to the window to see what was going on and two robins were laying beside the glass on our deck. In their high speed acrobatics, they had missed that fact that it was glass and not a normal opening.

One of the birds eventually got up and was still quite stunned. It walked over near the other robin and stood near it for quite a while like it was waiting for it to get up. I've never seen anything quite like it. Unfortunately, the other bird never did rise. Eventually, I went out and removed the dead bird and the other robin moved off, I am not sure if the other bird is really ok.

A sad way to start the day.

A strong reminder that life is fleeting and death can be sudden. One moment full of life, darting around and having fun. The next moment it is over.

Cherish every moment and as I always say… enjoy the journey. The destination has no guarantee.

As well, there is probably a lesson about getting too excited and focused on the game and the bird ahead of you. The bird ahead of you may appear to be winning so you pour all of your effort into catching up; only to find that neither of you saw the real threat until too late.

Aggressively chasing your competitors or getting too excited about a perceived opportunity can blind you to seeing what is really happening. Intuition is great but not if it is really your fear or greed talking.

And luck plays a role too. Sometimes, things just happen.

I try to take whatever lessons I can from things that happen… always trying to learn and grow.