Al and I finally reconnected with Kim Bechtel after losing touch a few years ago. We did a project for him while he was at the City of Calgary. Somehow we lost touch and then when Kim changed jobs, his contact information no longer worked.

Today Kim is the President and Chief Idea Officer at YourHRco (web site under construction).

He has been working in HR for many years but has decided to focus on HR strategy and services related to smaller businesses. Small business is different than the big companies and HR needs to be applied to helping small businesses with those differences in mind.

Pricing is a big one and he has addressed that through having both a subscription and a project based pricing model (hope I got that right).

The other distinguishing factor is service. From what I know of Kim, good service is not just a tag line in his brochure, it is something he firmly believes in and delivers.

If you are interested in connecting with YourHRco, leave me a comment and I will forward on your contact info.

In the meantime, Sunwapta Solutions is looking forward keeping this relationship going now that we've found him again… and using their HR outsourcing services as required.