Ever have one of those days where customers (internal or external) keep derailing something you want to get done?

If only they would go away, life would be simpler and you could accomplish all your projects.

Yup, no customers would be perfect.

No customers, no distractions… no revenue… no business.


The trick is not in making your customers go away. Unless you have no intention of growing you actually want more happy, satisfied customers receiving something they need. Your business depends on it.

So the trick, is setting up your business so you can do both; and I don't mean working 16 hours a day.

You need to work on the business so you can free up time to do the important work… the strategic stuff.

Putting good systems and processes in place should be part of your business strategy. Everything needs to be clear. 

That way you can work on the important strategic and customers stuff… safe in the knowledge that the customers is always being taken care of properly… just not always by you.

Have I got this right. Not yet, those pesky customers have been in the way. But I am making time to address it so that the future is brighter.

P.S. Any customers reading this should not feel I find them pesky. I mean not you but the other customers that are pesky. You are a great customer and I cherish your business.

P.P.S. Ok, the point is really that clients are not pesky, avoiding doing the right things to build your business is pesky.