I was off reading some blogs today and came across an interesting exchange in the comments section.

It started off on a technical argument, got nasty and then got personal.

When the insults on personal choices of cell phones started flying, I knew the gloves were off.

Yup, your choice of a cell phone says a lot about you.

The Mac, iMac, iPod and iPhone were all initially about going against the herd. Forget the technical arguments for a minute. People are proud that they are not getting what the majority are getting, it says something about you. And Apple? Brilliant at consumer marketing… they get it.

If everyone (or at least a majority) get an iPhone, what will having an iPhone say about you?

What happens if Apple achieves mainstream?

What if they get to the point Microsoft did with Windows and get declared a monopoly?

For  a while the browser wars were seemingly pretty much over and one browser had a clear domination. Then browsers woke up and we have some competition again… and change. Good for consumers, bad for content/site creators.

Not to worry though. I don't see the cell (smart) phone battle as being over.

With the size of the market, the size of the players and the stakes, you can be sure… the gloves are off.