In my last post on this subject I mentioned how fun it would be to do a parody of a normal website. Then I said I didn’t think I had the courage to be taking that kind of risk.

A few people have challenged me to not put out a standard (serious and boring) tech website.

Of course, they are not the ones that would be taking the risk so it is easy to say “Jump!”.

I am thinking that the parody version would not be right for me. Fun, but not really what I am about and certainly not what Sunwapta Solutions is about.

But something that fits better with who we are might be.

If I can figure out an angle to make it a bit different… exciting, fun and quirky… and definitely not boring… then that would be really good.

Some of this might happen in release 2. I don’t want to get too off track but yeah… now you got me thinking.