We have our content management system configured now and our template 90% implemented. I haven't been blogging too much lately mainly because I am busy writing content for our website while simultaneously doing application design for a couple of other web applications.

While writing site content, I was thinking about how much fun it would be to do the entire site as a parody of the normally serious and deathly boring technical corporate website… and oh yeah, throw in some of the standards for differentiation marketing:

"Our developers have been extremely agile for years, long before agile became popular as a methodology. Yes, they had to be to learn to dodge impossible and arbitrary client deadlines, last minute scope changes and irate spouses when they had to work all night to complete the project that someone else messed up."

"We are completely different from our competitors, we code in ones and zeros and they use zeros and ones. Besides today I am wearing a brown shirt and I am pretty sure I saw our competitor wearing a blue one. And did I mention, we have really good people."

And the one that came out in an actual RFP asking team members to have 5 years of experience in a technology that came out 2 years ago (RFP was reissued a year later).

"All our staff currently have over 5 years experience in every technology that is currently out and have already started learning technologies that are just being conceived as you read this."

Reality Check

After all my competitive research, I could not find a single example of a reputable technology company website that was funny… and frankly, I am not brave enough to try something that different.

So back to reality and writing serious content for our website. While we like to have fun, we are serious about building good software.