I listened to a live interview of Satyen Raja, leader of WarriorSage by Andrew Barber-Starkey of ProCoach International on Wednesday evening.

Satyen presented an idea for the ideal marketing or business plan. It is not brand new, I've heard variants of it in the past but it is brilliant in its simplicity and a good reminder that things need not be overly complex so I thought I would share it.

You have an idea for a business. Go to 10 of your ideal or best potential customers and present the idea. Ask them to write an extraordinary testimonial for that fictional business. Make sure they cover off all aspects of the service/product, the experience, the relationship, the price, how they feel about dealing with your business, who they would tell, the location, etc.

Take the 10 responses and go build a business that would generate these testimonials or as much of them as feasible.

If you are already in business you can use the information to improve your existing business.

Being the best is not really that hard intellectually, the hard part is the commitment and work required. Average or good enough is easy. Extraordinary is… well, extraordinary.

Now you know how to be great. Are you ready to do it?