Recently a friend of mine (who is also my dance instructor), decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge. She is opening up a dance studio here in Calgary.

It reminds me of the time nine years and a bit ago that we started up Sunwapta Solutions. A dream, a commitment and the excitement and fear in jumping into a new world. So much to learn and do.

Dance Through Life (web site coming) will be focusing on adult dance and fitness classes. Most of the dance studios in town cater to children and teens and while some offer adult classes, there is often not much choice beyond the beginner level. This studio will be focused on getting adults out and dancing and having fun dancing, from young adults all… well… "through life". Your inner child is welcome but other studios will handle your actual kids.

If you used to dance, have always wanted to dance, want to do something for yourself instead of your children, or feel it is just time to do something different, check out her studio.

I would like to congratulate Paula Callihoo, proud new owner of Dance Through Life, on the birth of this venture and wish her success in the future.

Update: The Dance Through Life website is now live.