Clean Code

Our team recently wrote some code for a client of ours to handle user authentication through Silverlight. It was largely from scratch and implemented a lot of business logic both in Silverlight and on the server.

The nice parts: clean code with lots of unit tests… and a very happy client. Good work team.


Microsoft's Silverlight platform is starting to mature quite well with Version 3.0. Our developers are getting quite good working with it… so much so we are seriously considering switching from an AJAX web browser application to Silverlight part way into a project. If it will speed up future development the price would be worth it.

The Domain Design Breakthrough

Another logic breakthrough on the application we are building for the SMB market. I love it when you can make something both simpler and more powerful and effective at the same time. Multidimensional problems are interesting… you can always slice them in a different way.

Content Management System

The final piece of the puzzle for our updated website will be decided today. Once it is in place we will have everything we need to finish it up from a technical perspective. I'll let you know how it goes and the details later.

For now the rest of the work is mine… finishing the content.

Putting It All Together

The cake, the icing, the ice cream and the invitations… I am already visualizing the party when this happens.

It is going to be a busy, productive and fun summer… and everyone is invited.