Historically we have been a Microsoft .NET shop with some experience in Java. It is not that we are against other technologies, it is just that we don’t see a reason to jump all over if the tools you have do the trick.

In the case of choosing a content management system (CMS) for our corporate website, we looked at open source and low cost CMS products on the .NET platform and found them not as mature as we needed.

We have therefore chosen Joomla as our CMS. It is a well supported and widlely used CMS developed on the PHP platform and is open source to boot.

After the first round of kicking the tires, it appears like Joomla will do everything we need it to and more.

Now that this decision is made, we have only two tasks remaining:

  1. Build a template for our company website, and
  2. Generate the content.

Looks like generating the content will be my next task for the coming few weeks.

No doubt about it, revamping our web site and keeping it up to date will be a major priority for us going forward. The trick with a corporate web site is to build credibility with potential customers and ideally to generate sales.

No more barefoot children for this shoemaker.