There are three types of people from the past: the good, the bad and the un-remarkable. You quickly forget the un-remarkable and the bad you want nothing to do with ever again.

Sometimes a particular problem or event causes you to remember some of the good ones.

Even after many years, when the good people cross you path again you feel good. Whether it is the past memory or the knowledge that they are still doing well, it is a nice but fleeting experience to briefly catch-up and then… go down your separate paths again; too busy in your own lives follow through on the "let's stay in touch".

Sometimes, there is an opportunity for more. The potential of working together or helping each other out. Many times this is triggered by a sequence of events and paths cross again (was it meant to happen or luck or something else?).

In the past few weeks several good people from the past have crossed my path… and so have some matching opportunities.

Hopefully our journeys will take us on the same path again.

It is also a good reminder to be one of the good ones for other people as you go through your career…  they too may want you around again and present an opportunity to you.