Al Dhalla and I (Doug Wagner) went to another ProCoach Success Systems seminar put on by Andrew Barber-Starkey. Andrew is based out of Vancouver and was in town for this seminar and other ProCoach activities.

My intuition was telling me I should attend, but I’ll get to that part later.

Their System

Seeing a second presentation by Andrew, talking to some of the people in the room who are (or were) working with him and reviewing some of his materials that he provided as part of the seminar helped me form a stronger opinion about ProCoach.

My feeling so far is that he has developed a good coaching system for setting goals that are right for you, getting you focused on a plan, and taking the required action to make your dreams happen. If you are struggling with any of those things, ProCoach might be your answer.

I could probably improve my effectiveness using their system, because just about everyone can use help around effectiveness. And everyone we talked to in the room that knew Andrew was a fan. His costs are pretty reasonable too considering most consultants/coaches go for far more per month… the key is he has developed a good system for delivery.

As always, make your own informed choice, check the references and make sure you fit the profile for ProCoach services… do your own homework!

My Intuition

When I go to these seminars, I always do so from three perspectives:

  • Learn the materials being presented,
  • Determine if it is of further use to achieving my business goals, and
  • Study the business model and presentation style.

Turns out, I knew a lot of the materials already. I read a lot and admire a lot of the same authors Andrew does. The realization was that in fact I would enjoy coaching. Some of my proudest moments in the past include getting subordinates promoted… and I have a keen interest in understanding what makes people and businesses succeed.

On first impressions, I liked Andrew and I like the system he has put in place for ProCoach. He seems honest and I plan on keeping him as part of my business network no matter if I use the coaching services or not. Maybe one day we will work on something together that will benefit both of us. If not I’ll be interested to follow his business and its success…. lot’s to learn by watching others.

Based on the two factors above alone, my intuition paid off and I did not waste my time.

Eureka Moment

But the story does not end there.

Tuesday evening I was sitting on the train ride home reading a book by an author Andrew recommended. Actually I did not get very far.

The heading was “Putting it all Together”. I read the next three paragraphs without really reading them. Something in my mind clicked and hundreds of different things, including parts of the seminar, came together at once and my mind started drifting.

I have been working on a pet project for several years. I had a vision in my head that I could not seem to manifest in the real world… and not through inaction either. It was an abstract thing that I could not properly explain to others through my logical voice as an architect or a software designer. I was caught up in modules, features and screens starting from the bottom up.

My “Eureka” moment turned it all upside down. Suddenly all the pieces fell together and I had a stone arch bridge rather than a pile of stones. It was the top stone that keeps it all up.

The story does not end there… it is just now beginning again. I can’t wait to share it with everyone, but for that you will have to wait.

The lesson is here is to clearly know where you want to go, start taking action on the path forward and then stay attuned to the world around you so you can see the clues and opportunities to manifest your vision. If you have to work you might as well work on the right stuff.