It is surprising how fast a year goes by. My blog has reached its 1 year anniversary today.

Approximately 125 posts in one year is not a bad accomplishment considering writing is not my full-time occupation.

I have found I have a passion for writing in a number of subject areas.

Sometimes it is hard to come up with a new subject and sometimes ideas just flow out. Sometimes an idea sounds good in your head but when you write it down, it is not as brilliant. That is the challenge of taking an idea and communicating it in a limited medium of text and pictures. It is best not to second guess past posts.

But I do know one thing for sure, I find writing helps clarify my thoughts. I can only hope that people have and continue to find some value in reading what I have written.

It is not just about my blog, I also enjoy visiting a number of other blogs regularly and try to include a comment or a trackback when I have enjoyed a post or have something to add. I have even connected with a few people in the real world that I met in this virtual space.

Looking forward to another year of being active in the blogosphere.