I like to acknowledge things that are done right.

On Friday, one of our good clients came to us with an unexpected problem. Their client had changed the infrastructure specifications and the application we had helped them build would not run in the new configuration. They had spent a fair amount of effort over two days trying to get it working and then reached out to us.

Of course these things always happen when your most experienced developer on the team is away. Well we managed to connect with him via phone but he was unable to remotely offer a working solution and then the battery on his phone died.

This was later Friday afternoon now and the team could have just waited for our guy to return on Monday but instead they dug into the problem. Our infrastructure guy was not familiar with the application and the developer wasn't familiar with the infrastructure. So they both stuck around into the evening and managed to reproduce the problem and then work out a solution in our test environment. They then sent the solution off to our client so they can verify it works in their environment.

The best part. I didn't have to tell them to do it.

This was done on the team's initiative. They stuck at it until they had a solution because it was important to our client and therefore, themselves. They worked with their counterparts on the other team, shared ideas and got it done.

Thanks team!

P.S. We'll know Monday whether the solution works for the client, in the meantime we gave it our best, and that is what counts.