It’s funny how reading something about one topic can inspire a Eureka moment in another subject.

As I mentioned prior, I listened to an interview of Barbara Stanny by Andrew Barber-Starkey of ProCoach Success Systems on his web site. Now I am always looking for new stuff to read so I picked up a couple of books, one of them being “Secret’s of Six-Figure Women” (I’ll cover the book itself later).

The gist of the message I read was you need to let go (of your comfort zone) before you can move up the income ladder.

Well on the heels of my article on the “Art of Delegation” and other thinking I have been doing about where I should be focusing my time to best grow the business and maximize the value of my own talents I realized two things:

  1. I am not delegating enough of my work to others in the company,
  2. Others in the company are now capable of handling more.

So effective Monday I am reorganizing the company a bit.

I will still be the president, but instead of also being the general manager of everything, I intend to focus my talents more on one main area… business development.

For me this means bringing new products and services to the marketplace including:

  • Business strategy and vision,
  • Business planning including product and service offerings,
  • Product management,
  • Product and service launch plans including marketing and sales,
  • Marketing materials including websites, and
  • Delivery and support plans.

Essentially, I will be focused on creating businesses within the business. As I mentioned quite a while ago, this aligns with my personal need for creativity and my abilities around visualization.

This will be done for both Sunwapta Solutions and for key clients and partners we are working with to launch new revenue streams.

Sometimes you just need to let go so you can grow. And the really nice part is when you grow you make room for others to grow too.