It's been challenge to work on a website this week with eyes not quite working right.

I've been looking at what we have done over the past 9 years and it seems quite impressive. Our industry experience has clearly been Human Resources, Actuarial and Financial Services. However, many of our core capabilities could easily be applied to just about any industry… web applications, modeling, complex form/surveys, data migration, integration, project management, etc.

In fact we are launching products aimed at the small and medium business market that will maximize the human capital in your business inside and outside of the traditional HR boundaries… we believe that that boundaries are artificial anyways.

I've always firmly believed that if something "can" be done, we can do it. Maybe it is my engineering background, maybe it is my competitive nature or maybe it is because we have some pretty good people here.

In the last few years we've built really good relationships with others in our industry, from our sister company in Toronto to a number of high-end consultants in a variety of technical and agile disciplines… this "can do" attitude is now more true than ever.

These are some of the things I am trying to incorporate into our new corporate website.

Our corporate website will now also be a lot more dynamic, with content being updated more frequently. In fact, writing for this blog has given me a lot of practice for the task ahead.

It is also going to be an evolutionary project. No longer will it be something we create and then ignore because we are too busy on client work.

You see, one of the most important business lessons I have learned in running a business is, You can never be passive in anything, least of all marketing and sales.

Here is a rough mock-up (some things will change) of the template for inside pages we are starting with:

SW Template - Blog

This is just a starting point and our site will evolve over time, but to start we are keeping things simple and minimalistic. Get the message right and then evolve the UI to support the message… then repeat.

P.S. This is just a rough template mockup and things will be a lot cleaner and more polished in the final version.