What if you had something really big to sell? What if you only have one of them and could never sell it again? What if you had worked on making this thing for a good portion of your life? You only have one chance to maximize the selling price.

How would you sell it?

Would you create a detailed brochure and mail it to 10-20 prospective clients?

Would you put an advertisement in a classified listing (online or traditional) and sell it like a house?

Probably not.

The Biggest Sale Ever Is…

Your business. Yet most privately held businesses do not treat the sale of the business as a big sales and marketing exercise. They treat it like a commodity, real estate or accounting transaction and hand it off to to a third party to handle without questioning the approach or qualifications of the agents.

It is not. It is the biggest sale you will likely make and is primarily a sales and marketing exercise of colossal importance (to you).

And that is the premise of BCMS Corporate during their presentation on "Selling a Business For Its Maximum Value".

BCMS seems to have made a good business out of focusing on the full gambit of services around selling the business including negotiation and maximizing value for the owners… but they don't do the legal work or accounting work… they focus on the sales and marketing in a methodology consistent with best sales practices, but differing from most traditional business sales.

We are not actively selling our business. But going to these kinds of seminars makes you think and hopefully focus on what is important for your business and its growth.

It is important for all entrepreneurs to spend time on a regular basis on strategy.

The biggest sale ever may depend on it.